GR8 DIVN is 27 YEARs  OLD  – 1990 to 2017

July 6, 2017 Gr8 Team Meeting

38 people showed up for an outstanding presentation by Jack Jewel on sharks. Everyone commented on the fact that they learned something new about these fascinating marine animals. Jack runs Shark Reef at the Mirage and presented a plethora of information with pictures and shark jaws. If you have never been to Shark Reef, you should definitely check it out!
     Tracey gave a very inviting talk on next months specialty: Deep Diving. Remember, 10% discount on books and related materials as long as you sign up before the end of the month.

Laura extended an invitation to the upcoming clean up at Placer Cove (our adopted cove). We need to clean up underwater and on shore. We will be at the cove on August 12 by 8 am. There will be refreshments and a drawing for SCUBA Bucks. We will supply net bags to collect trash from underwater, and we will have plenty of trash bags to haul it out of there.

We will be at Camp Cartwheel the 18th-22nd, and again 26th-29th. Water World has kindly agreed to help with the second week so the kids won’t be disappointed. Much of our equipment will be in use at the camp, so please be patient if we don’t have what you need for rental gear.

Thanks once again for all of your GR8 support.  Bye for now Ron, Vicki and GR8 DIVN Staff.

July 7th = GR8 Team Meeting/ Jack Jewell and Sharks!!!!!
July 19th-22nd = CAMP CARTWHEEL
July 26th – 29th = CAMP CARTWHEEL
July 22nd – Aug. 5th = Philippians Siren Fleet trip

AUGUST 2017 (Specialty of the month=Deep)
Aug. 11th
= GR8 DIVN Team Meeting
Aug. 12th = Placer Cove ECO Dive
Aug. 13th = Bonaire Pre Trip get together
Aug. 19th-26th = BONAIRE Trip

SEPTEMBER 2017 (Specialty of the Month=Night & Limited Viz)
Sept. 4th = Labor Day
Sept. 8th= GR8 Team Meeting
Sept. 23rd-24th = Sand Hollow Activity Weekend






MAY 2017 (Specialty of the Month= Marine Ecology)

MAY 12= GR* Team Meeting
MAY  29th = Memorial Day

JUNE 2017 (Specialty of the Month=Night & Limited Viz)
JUNE 1st & 2nd = Cottonwood Activity Weekend
















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